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12 Brilliant Tips for Planning A Baby Shower in 2024

Planning a baby shower in 2024? It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, though. We’ve compiled 12 brilliant tips to help you plan a memorable and stress-free baby shower. Let’s dive in!


Planning a baby shower in 2024 can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It’s a time to celebrate new life, create joyous memories, and show love for the soon-to-be mother. A successful baby shower requires thoughtful preparation, from choosing the right theme to ensuring every detail is perfect. In this guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips to help you plan a remarkable and unforgettable baby shower that will be the talk of the year.

1. Start With a Clear Vision

First and foremost, envision the type of baby shower you want to create. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed, family-friendly gathering or a chic and elegant celebration, your initial vision will set the stage for all subsequent decisions. Consider modern trends, personal style preferences, and the expectant mother’s personality to craft an event that truly resonates.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

Effective financial planning is crucial for a stress-free baby shower. Outline your budget early, taking into account costs for venue hire, catering, decorations, and any special activities. Remember, a well-planned budget allows you to create a luxurious feel without overspending.

3. Choose a Convenient Date

Selecting the right date is critical for ensuring maximum attendance. Consider the expectant mother’s schedule, key family members’ availability, and seasonal considerations. A date that is too close to the due date might be uncomfortable for the mom-to-be.

4. Select a Theme

A well-chosen theme can transform an ordinary event into a magical celebration. From whimsical fairy tales to chic contemporary styles, the theme you choose will guide your decor, menu, and activities. It also adds a personal touch that reflects the joy of motherhood.

5. Make a Guest List

Compiling your guest list is a fundamental step. Consider the space available at your chosen venue, and remember that the size of the gathering impacts the overall feel of the event. It’s also crucial to consider the preferences of the mother-to-be, ensuring she feels comfortable and cherished with the guest lineup.

6. Pick the Perfect Venue

The choice of venue can make or break your baby shower. Whether it’s a cosy home setting, a lush outdoor garden, or an upscale banquet hall, the right venue will complement your theme and accommodate your guests comfortably. Find unique venue ideas at Unique Baby Shower Venues.

7. Plan the Menu

Catering is a highlight of any baby shower. Whether you opt for a full meal or a light buffet, ensure the menu aligns with the theme and consider dietary restrictions. Incorporating organic, locally-sourced ingredients can add a special touch. For menu planning ideas, check out this Baby Shower Menu Guide.

8. Get Creative with Decorations

Your decorations should capture the essence of your theme and enhance the ambiance. From elegant floral arrangements to playful balloons, choose decorations that delight the senses without overwhelming the space. For creative decorating ideas, Pinterest’s Baby Shower Decorations is a great resource.

9. Organise Fun Activities

Engaging activities keep the mood light and celebratory. Consider traditional games, creative workshops, or even a relaxing spa corner for guests. Activities should be inclusive and enjoyable for all. Find unique and fun games on Baby Shower Game Ideas.

10. Don’t Forget the Music

Music sets the atmosphere of your event. A blend of soothing lullabies and cheerful tunes can create a balanced ambiance that complements the joy of the occasion. For curated playlists, visit Baby Shower Music Playlist on Spotify.

11. Capture the Memories

Photographs and videos are priceless keepsakes. Consider hiring a professional photographer or setting up a themed photo booth for guests to capture the moment. For tips on baby shower photography, visit Baby Shower Photography Tips on Canon’s photography website.

12. Show Appreciation with Favours

A thoughtful favor can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Choose something meaningful that echoes the theme of the shower, such as custom keepsakes or artisanal treats. For creative favor ideas, Etsy’s Baby Shower Favour Ideas offers a plethora of options.


Planning a baby shower in 2024 is an opportunity to create an event filled with love, laughter, and celebration. By following these 12 tips, you’re well on your way to organising a baby shower that not only honors the expectant mother but also provides a delightful experience for all attendees. Remember, the essence of a great baby shower lies in the details and the care put into every aspect of the event. Begin your journey to planning the perfect baby shower today, and make it an occasion that will be cherished for years to come.