Wedding Reception Venues In Brighton: An Overview

If you’re looking for a place to host your wedding reception, the city of Brighton and Hove is a great location. There are many different venues you can choose from in the area, including some great hotels that have great wedding organisers and are sure make your memorable day go smoothly.

When browing wedding reception venues in Brighton, you have plenty of options. Whether you’re planning to have a big reception, or a small and intimate one, you’ll find a Brighton venue that suits you.


Practical Tips When Choosing Wedding Reception Venues

So you want to come to Brighton for your wedding reception and there are plenty of options to choose from. Well cover some of the best options later in this article.

But what minimum requirements should you be looking for, to make sure your chosen venue offers the best experienced for the wedding party and your guests?

Here are a few pointers to help you work out what you need. Some might seem obvious but a couple of these might easily slip your mind unless you have a list to work from.


First of all, you will want to make sure you find a venue that has enough space for your guests. This is especially true if you plan on having a large number of guests.

Creating a good atmosphere at a wedding venue is vital, and too much space can affect that. But it’s far better to have too much space than not enough.

A space that is too small can cause guests to spill into different areas including hallways and outside spaces which can harm the overall atmosphere of the wedding.

You want your guests to be together and having a good time, where you can all connect easily and create lifelong memories of such a special occasion.

Getting the right balance between


The wedding reception needs to be the right temperature for the time of year.

The best temperature for a wedding venue is between 17-19c in the UK. This allows for a lot of dancing in suits and fancy dresses!

A lot of people want a wedding in the height of summer. This is often popular because everyone wants a nice sunny wedding day. But think about the comfort of your guests throughout the day in hot conditions.

If the venue is cramped and doesn’t have ample air conditioning, guests will become uncomfortable. Most are sure to put on a brave face. But too hot a venue can cause people to want to leave earlier than they otherwise might. It can also make children irritable and tire them quickly.

A cold venue is also something to avoid. Winter weddings are rightly increasing in popularity and allows for people to dress up without fear of overheating. But a cold wedding reception can dampen the atmosphere. In particular, a cold dining area during the wedding breakfast and speeches is not ideal.

Wherever possible, try to ensure the temperature at your wedding reception fall inside the ideal range.


The quality of seating at wedding reception venues can be easy to overlook and can vary widely.

The most luxurious venues will usually offer ample, high-quality seating. These venues see thousands of wedding guests a year. It’s unlikely they don’t have the right furniture to keep the guests comfortable.

Some venues that don’t hold lots of wedding receptions can use far cheaper seating. This might not offer the same degree of space or padding as a more suitable chair. This could prove uncomfortable for some guests. Particularly during a 3 hour afternoon of wedding breakfast and speeches.

It’s advisable inspect the seating at your venue to make sure your guests will be comfortable for the whole day.


It’s easy to focus on the big obvious parts of a wedding and overlook some of the smaller details. Any couple organising their big day have dozens and dozens of things to think about. Everyone forgets something at some point!

The best wedding venues in Brighton, and certainly those on the list below, will have everything covered. Smaller venues with less-experienced teams behind them might not have everything you and your guests need. These can cover a huge range of things ranging from things like; Ensuring level access. Baby changing facilites. First aid equipment and practicioner. Ancillary space for the couple to change or store gifts. Quiet space where small children can take a nap or mothers can feed infants. The list goes on!

Every wedding is different and the attendees have different needs. But covering as many of these bases as possible before the big day will ensure you can focus on the occasion itself. And ultimately make the day more enjoyable for all.


Some of your guests may be traveling into Brighton from other areas and need somewhere to stay. Choosing a reception venue that offers in-house accommodation, such as one of the big hotels, is a huge advantage for such guests. It means they can bring everything they need for their trip and have easy access to it. This might will allow them to stay longer and enjoy the full day with you.

Many couples choose a venue they love but that does not offer the accommodation your guests need. This can force them to leave the reception early to travel back to their lodgings. In some cases you might force punitive travel arrangements on them. Some guests have to get up at 3-4am to travel to Brighton and attempt to check in to their rooms. This can really impact upon their enjoyment of the day.

In some cases this might present guests with such a problem that they have to decline the invitation altogether.

Wedding guests are sure to do everything they can to make and enjoy your special day. But the best venue choices always address needs of traveling guests.


Summarising Your Choice Of Venue

Ultimately, your wedding or civil ceremony is about yourself and your partner. And your friends and family are sure to do anything in their power to enjoy their day. And just as importantly make sure your day is as special as possible

However, the extra boost you can give to your event by making smart, thoughtful and in some cases selfless venue choice, to improve the experience for your guests, cannot be understated.

Without question the best wedding days are backed up by an inspired choice of wedding reception venue. These chocies tick as many boxes as possible for everyone involved in the big day.


Some Of The Best Wedding Reception Venues In Brighton

Here are some of the most popular and best-equipped venues in Brighton to host your wedding reception.

Stanmer House

Located in the picturesque grounds of Stanmer Park, the elegant 18th Century manor house of Stanmer House is perfect for wedding receptions. Nestled between the South Downs and the sea, this venue has been beautifully restored and offers a stylish setting. It has been one of the most popular wedding venues in Brighton for decades.

As well as being a popular venue for weddings, Stanmer House is also a popular venue for civil ceremonies. This historic Grade 1 Listed manor house was once the home of the aristocratic Pelham family who later became the Earls of Chichester.

The venue interiors feature period charm you’d expect from a Grade 1 Listed building. Some of the spaces are bordering on the palatial. With 5,000 acres of beautiful parkland surround the manor house, this venue offers a blank canvas for your special day.

Stanmer House is ideal for a small, intimate ceremony or a large reception for over 400 guests. Whether you want to serve traditional British roast dinner or something more modern, the in-house chefs will be able to create a menu to your exact specifications.

This is renowned for the quality of the events it hosts and the expertise of it’s hospitality team. You can have your wedding or civil ceremony at ths venue or simply use the premises as your wedding reception venue.

stanmer house wedding

Grand Hotel Brighton

The Grand Hotel Brighton is an iconic seaside hotel located across from the iconic Brighton beach.

If you’re looking to tie the knot and want a venue with great views, you can’t go wrong with The Grand. Their wedding packages offer a range of options and services to suit every type of budget.

With a full licensed venue for small gatherings and large banquets for up to 900 guests, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Aside from its fantastic view of the sea, the Grand Hotel Brighton has been a top-of-the-range venue for many high-profile events. From weddings to private celebrations, the Brighton hotel has all the necessary licenses to host your special day.

As you’d expect from one of the world’s most prestigious hotels, The Grand Brighton is an exquisitely decorated building that’s a joy to stay in. Located just a short walk from Brighton’s famous beach, you’re sure to have a blast!


Metropole Hotel Brighton

A city by the sea, Hilton Brighton Metropole is a luxurious hotel that offers everything you could ever want from your wedding reception venue. With 17 meeting rooms and 35 event spaces, there’s plenty of space to hold any size function.

The professional events team can tailor each detail to your guests’ tastes and needs.

Couples can opt for a blessing ceremony, a traditional reception or even a chic evening party.


Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium

The Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium is located in Hove Park, East Sussex. It has a state-of-the-art sports bars. You can even watch televised events on one of the TV screen if you wish!

The Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium features a number of amenities that make it a great venue for all ages. The venue is also available for conferences, parties, exhibitions and even circuses. Being located centrally with ample parking and rail links, this is a popular wedding reception venue in Brighton and Hove. Those working with a smaller budget might find this a great option compared to other venues.


The Amex Community Football Stadium

Located in Brighton, the Amex Community Football Stadium is a modern sports complex. It is the home of the Premier League football club Brighton & Hove Albion with the capacity to hold 26,684 spectators. The venue is the winner of multiple global design awards. It is truly a special facility.

The stadium was designed with ease of access in mind. Whilst matchdays are understandably crowded, parking on-site is ample for even the largest private function. Falmer railway station is adjacent to the stadium. From there it’s just a 5 minute ride into Brighton city centre. ‘The Amex’ offers a rare combination of quality, space, road and rail links.

This venue has professional kitchens and multiple bars used to serving over 1000 matchday diners and drinkers. That means it can easily cater to your every need in a unique and impressive setting.