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High Tea | What Is It?

High tea is a meal that typically includes a meat or fish course, vegetables, and a dessert.

It is usually served in the late afternoon or early evening, after the workday has ended and can be enjoyed at a restaurant or at home. This type of tea is a meal that typically includes savoury and sweet foods, served in courses. The menu can vary depending on what region or country it is from, but there are some common staples.

The first course is usually a selection of savoury finger foods. This might include mini quiches, sausage rolls, tartlets, or other small dishes. The second course is typically a variety of sweet pastries and desserts. These might include scones with clotted cream and jam, mini cakes and tarts, or cookies.

Beverages such as loose leaf tea or coffee are usually served throughout the meal.

The variety of foods means that there is something for everyone to enjoy.Plus, it’s an occasion that feels special and indulgent. If you’re looking for an excuse to have a little fun and eat delicious food, why not consider your own afternoon tea in the near future?

You can either plan your own tea party at your home, or if you prefer the easier option find a restaurant or tea rooms serving afternoon tea near you.


What Is The Difference Between High Tea And Afternoon Tea?

High Tea is a more substantial meal than Afternoon Tea, and is often served around 6:00 p.m. It typically includes hot dishes like meat pies or soup, as well as sandwiches, scones, and pastries.

However, the less-hungry may prefer afternoon tea because it is smaller and less filling.

A typical afternoon tea menu will consist of a choice of tea, sandwiches and scones plus other sweet snacks such as cake. This meal is almost exclusively enjoyed in the afternoon, hence the name.

If you want something lighter than both of these options, a traditional cream tea of scones with cream and jam might be all you need. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

High tea is the more filling meal, perfect if you need to eat something substantial.Traditional afternoon tea is lighter and perfect if you want freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches and other sweets and savouries to nibble on. Perhaps a glass of champagne or English sparkling wine would be the perfect addition to cap your meal off.

What Kind Of Dishes Are Included?

A High Tea is a type of afternoon tea that usually consists of heavier, more savoury foods than a classic afternoon tea.

Common items include: cakes, quiches, mini shepherd’s pies, salmon pinwheels, cheese straws, and chocolate √©clairs. Scones are almost always included and are typically served with clotted cream and jam.

This mean is often served in a more formal setting than regular afternoon tea. It can be offered in a tearoom, hotel, or restaurant. Some places will have a set menu while others will allow customers to choose from a wider menu.

high tea in brighton

High Tea Near Me – Where To Go?

If you live in or are visiting the area, Stanmer House is the best venue for afternoon tea in Brighton.

Located in a beautiful, upper-class Georgian manor house just minutes from the City Centre, this is one of the most well-known and admired venues in Brighton.

Indeed it is thought that these formal afternoon teas have been served at Stanmer House right back to its origins in the early 19th century.

Home-baked scones, homemade jams and authentic Devon clotted cream are the order of the day when you visit this delightful Stanmer Park cafe. Classy indoor and outdoor dining areas are available meaning your choice of classic.

Gluten free scones and other gluten free menu items are also available to cater for those that need them. And with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus on offer there is a wide variety of dishes that can be included. If you want to try the best high tea Brighton has to offer, get to Stanmer House soon.


Why To Visit Stanmer House

Stanmer House is a unique and breathtaking historical building located in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Situated amidst sprawling gardens and grounds, it provides beautiful views of the South Downs National Park and provides guests with an exceptional dining experience. Its long-standing history dates back to 1722 when it was built as a stately home.

Nowadays, Stanmer House has been transformed into a luxurious restaurant that serves up classic British fare with modern flair. From hearty breakfasts to light lunches and indulgent dinners, each dish at Stanmer House is crafted with the freshest local ingredients.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Stanmer House also boasts an array of other experiences for visitors. These include weekend music events and outdoor cinema screenings during the summer months. It’s also home to some of Brighton’s best afternoon teas. These feature freshly-baked scones served alongside clotted cream and preserves from local suppliers in Sussex.

On top of all this, guests can explore its beautiful gardens which have been curated with sculptures, fountains and wildflower meadows for an idyllic outdoor stroll

With stunning Victorian architecture surrounded by lush green spaces, there are countless reasons why you should visit Stanmer House.