Afternoon Tea or Cream Tea – What Is The Difference?

Do you know the difference between afternoon tea or cream tea? Are you unsure which one is better? This article gives you the information you need to decide which experience is right for you. Read on to learn more!

The main difference between afternoon tea and cream tea is that afternoon tea includes more food.

Also afternoon tea is generally considered a more formal meal rather than a snack, which is how cream tea is usually viewed.

Another option is high tea, which is another variation on the afternoon tea meal but we won’t cover that here!

What Food Does An Afternoon Tea or Cream Tea Include?

Traditional afternoon tea is typically served with sandwiches and pastries. All your sweet and savoury needs should be covered!

Cream tea, on the other hand, is a smaller and less formal affair and usually focused on fresh scones with clotted cream and fruit jam.








How Are These Teas Different?

Cream Tea is a lighter meal typically consists of scones with clotted cream and strawberries, plus a choice of preserves.

You can expect your scones to be served with a choice of popular teas. These usually include Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea.

Afternoon tea is generally taken later in the day – around 3 or 4pm – while cream tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The lightness of the smaller meal makes it more flexible and many cream teas are eaten from mid-morning onwards across the UK.

Cream tea is usually cheaper. So, which option should you choose? It really depends on what you’re after. Do y afternoon tea or cream tea? Are you unsure which one is better?

Cream Tea Brighton | Where To Go?

The seaside resort of Brighton and Hove is very cosmopolitan and its food culture is similarly universal.

Restaurants and cafes selling dozens of different cuisines is the norm. You might be forgiven for expecting traditional British food to be less popular than ever.

This may apply to some old classics but one meal that has unquestionably stood the test of time is the classic garden cream tea.

It’s easy to picture the classic tea party.

A smallish group of friends, often groups of just ladies.

Small tables covered with tiered food stands. Covered in scones, sandwiches and cakes and surrounded by small teapots. Maybe a dog or a small child or two making up the party. All set on the backdrop of a warm sunny afternoon with views across green open space.

Whether choosing afternoon tea or cream tea, this image really is traditional England in a nutshell!

Best Cream Tea In Brighton

Has this article tickled your tastebuds?

Here are the details of the best place for a grand Brighton afternoon tea. You can expect fresh, home-baked scones and organic strawberries on tap.

Stanmer House Cream Tea | Brighton’s Best Cream Tea

Set in the glorious Stanmer Park on the edge of Brighton adjacent to the A27. Stanmer House is renowned for serving the best cream tea in Brighton.

This is a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. This venue boasts a large menu specialising in locally sourced ingredients and classic British dishes.

The components of the entire meal, including the jams, bread, cakes and pastries, are made from scratch.

Furthermore, the venue and the location truly sets Stanmer House apart. This venue is truly one of the most dog friendly restaurants Brighton has to offer.

Set on the ground floor of a glorious Grade 1 Listed Georgian mansion, the Stanmer House seating areas fill the salons and drawing rooms of the previous Earls Of Chichester.

There is also a lovely formal garden on the south side of the House, allowing visitors to enjoy their fresh, sumptuous cream tea in the most beautiful surroundings.

So, want the best cream tea Brighton has to offer?

Also need to decide whether to go for afternoon tea or cream tea?

Truly, Stanmer Park garden cafe is the answer.